Proper skin care is important any time, but it’s particularly important if you’re dealing with acne. One of the “secrets” to controlling an acne problem is to keep your skin as healthy as you can. This includes keeping it clean and avoiding things like sunshine and harsh cosmetics that can damage the skin.

Cleaning Your Skin

Use a specialized skin cleanser or a gentle soap daily, according to the directions. Don’t scrub your face as this can aggravate acne and actually make the problem worse.

Moisten your face with a soft cloth and apply the cleaner to your skin, from your hairline to your neck. Rinse it with plenty of water and dry your face by patting it with a soft towel (again, avoid scrubbing it dry).

If you have oily skin you may need to use an astringent, however do so with care. Only use it on problem

spots and stop if it irritates your skin. If you think you may need to use an astringent, you should consult with your dermatologist first.

Hair care is also related to acne and skin care. Shampoo your hair regularly and do your best to keep it off your face. If your hair is oily, it can lead to acne if not kept clean and away from your face.

Sun Protection

It has long been thought that exposure to the sun can help acne, but this isn’t really the case. The sun can dry out your skin and a tan can make your acne less obvious, but it’s really a temporary solution.

Once your skin acclimatizes itself to the sun, your acne will return plus the sun exposure carries other risks such as skin cancer.

Some acne treatments can also make your skin more sensitive to the sun, and in turn more likely to burn. You should always wear sunscreen when you’re out in the sun, whether you’re dealing with acne or not.

Makeup & Cosmetics

Ideally, wearing no makeup is the best choice but if that isn’t an option be sure to choose a makeup that won’t clog your pores.

These cosmetic products are labeled as noncomedogenic, although some people may still have problems when using them. Be sure you choose makeups that don’t use an oil base. Read the ingredients before choosing anything.


There is no hard and fast rule when choosing between electric razors and safety razors. Some people will find one more comfortable, some with find the other.

If you choose to use safety razors, don’t shave with dull blades. You might have to shave around serious acne lesions, and make sure you soften your beard with water and shaving cream before you shave.

If you’re having a particular bad day with acne breakouts, it’s probably best to skip shaving altogether.

Avoid Touching Your Skin

It’s tempting to squeeze pimples, but don’t give in! It can lead to more serious problems because squeezing them can cause the bacteria that causes acne to spread. It can also cause permanent scarring in some cases.

It’s also a good idea to avoid touching your face because your hands tend to be dirty and oily and they can spread germs.


When it comes to becoming beautiful, one of the major concerns would be having that flawless, fair skin. The skin is one of the things that a person notices first aside from the hair. So one thing’s certain, a thorough skin care process or tips is essential in maintaining its sightly feature.

Nowadays, you just can’t have that flawless beautiful skin when you have no money – well, that’s what some people point out. But that is disputable! Some beauty industries claim that to be able to achieve that point of degree on your skin, you have to undergo an expensive and a time-consuming process. And yes it’s true, you can spend as much dollars as you want if you really aim to have that flawless skin in a matter of days or minutes. But it’s never a truth that you can’t have that kind of skin if you don’t spend money. You just have to be more patient though.

Well here are very easy and absolutely inexpensive steps to maintaining the glow and beauty of our skin, specifically our faces:

a) First and the most common step is to identify your skin type. You may find it hard to distinguish your skin type at first glance but this should not worry you. There are only three skin types – the oily skin, the dry skin, and the combination of both. Actually, you don’t need an expert to identify it for you. You, yourself can identify it by studying closely the ares of your skin. This is a step to aid you in choosing the right skin care product for you.

b) Make sure that before washing your face, you are going to use clean hands. Washing hands thoroughly before cleaning the face is important. Your hands can be exposed to thousands of germs and it can easily get trapped to your face when you use your hands for wiping the sweat on your forehead or the excessive oils on your cheeks and nose.

c) Based on the type of skin you have, wash your face at least twice a day. Or if you have a more sensitive or oily skin, you need to wash or thrice a day. Make sure that you have with you the right skin care product or facial cleanser. Never apply anything that is not suitable to your skin type because it may cause irritation and may worsen your skin problem. Gently lather the facial cleanser in a circular motion and never scrub it using your nails or other things that can be used to scrub it. Just use your hands to clean your face and rinse the cleanser or soap off. Use a clean towel and tap it gently onto your skin to dry.

d) The kind of water to use for rinsing can also be as essential as choosing the right skin care product for you. You need to use tap water, or tepid water to clean your face. Some say, cold water is more advisable to make you skin feel more relaxed. But cold water cannot clean your skin fully as warm water can. So does hot water as this kind of water can only make your skin dry.

e) Never forget to use a moisturizer. This will help maintain the balance of oil to your skin, and can be very helpful especially to those that have dry skin. Be generous in applying the amount to your skin.

f) Eat the right amount of food. Plenty of fruits and vegetables to the diet can help maintain healthy skin.

g) There are also those who have really sensitive skin. So if these steps won’t work for you, try to consult your dermatologist.

Considering those tips above, you can be sure that you will have a healthy, fair, and beautiful skin in the end. Just see to it that you follow each step carefully. And then you will see that having that flawless, pretty skin can be that cheap.

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